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Instagram SEO: Search by Interest

Instagram is a difficult platform to have success on for many people, it’s built differently than the majority of the major social media websites that came before it.

Neil Patel just published an article discussing a comprehensive guide to optimizing your Instagram efforts for it’s built in search algorithms, hashtags, and interests following features.

  • For myself, reading this article has had a huge impact on the way I now think about marketing on Instagram.
  • Going further than just a social presence, Google also scans & reads your content, this having a well defined searcher based post structure, can potentially improve your organic search engine rankings on Google itself.

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Google Penalties versus Google Algorithms by ex Google Employee: Why Are you Ranking Poorly?

This article does an amazing job as explaining the full picture, as to what algorithms are looking for and what triggers a penalty.

If you follow the advice of this ex-Google Search Quality Evaluator, your sure to rank higher, avoid penalties, and also recover from any actions taken against your site.

Read the full article:

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2021: 3 Changes in SEO to Know for Maximum Success

Search Engines display results to searchers with the purpose of giving the searcher, the best thing in which they are looking for.

The global pandemic has had a huge impact on the things people search for. Search Engine Journal has everything you need to know.

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30 Benefits of Frequent Guest Blogging

When done properly, this can be an extremely effective way to grow your online presence, reputation, reach, and ultimately get you closer to achieving your goals. Take your time and do things the right way, as that person is inviting you into their home, it should be treated with care, respect, and love.

Reasons and Benefits of Frequent Guest Blogging

Here’s 30 Reasons to Guest Blog Consistently

1. Improving the odds:

Anyone who wants to guest blog should submit as many blog posts as possible to multiple blogs, because it makes it that much easier for their own writing to get exposure. Multiple submissions to multiple blogs form the best strategy when it comes to tilting the odds in your favor.

2. Expanding audiences:

Guest blogging can bring audience members from one blog to another, in either direction. Potential audience members could be attracted to one specific post and visit a blog from there, or visa versa.

3. Creating diverse audiences:

Audiences of the main blog and guest blog may diverge in some ways. Both groups will potentially attract more varied audiences that way, and that effect becomes even stronger with each guest post submission.

4. Improving business relationships:

Guest blogging too many times on the same blog may be off-putting to the blog owners and the readers, who may prefer to get some fresh voices into the mix. However, guest blogging just the right number of times in the same location can help generate a healthy fan following and a good working relationship with the blog owners.

5. Practice:

Blogging is like any other skill: it requires significant practice to achieve any level of excellence. Guest blogging allows even seasoned bloggers to get even more opportunities to try to refine their craft.

6. Developing a wide range of writing skills:

Some blogs require formal writing styles and long essay formats. Others encourage casual, breezy language and quick bullet lists. Guest bloggers who submit to all sorts of blogs will develop a diverse range of writing skills that reflect multiple tastes.

7. Developing other skills:

Successful blogging requires people with multiple abilities, including computer and social skills. Guest blogging gives people the opportunity to sharpen all their related abilities.

8. Relative ease:

Internet marketing strategies vary substantially in their level of difficulty. Guest blogging is a relatively simple way of getting your name out there, since it allows you to work with established web presences.

9. Education about Internet culture:

Anyone who wants to establish a successful web presence needs to be educated on Internet culture. People who stay within a limited social circle may not learn as much as guest bloggers who submit everywhere.

10. Increased opportunities:

Bloggers who are active in the blogosphere, especially as guest bloggers, are more likely to be in the right place at the right time in a shifting technical landscape.

11. Reciprocity: The blog owners will usually allow guest posters to include links directly to their own blogs, so some of their traffic becomes yours. Ideally, both groups help market each other’s blogs.

12. Work Experience: People are increasingly listing their blogging experience on their resumes, whether they plan to work online or not. Having multiple bloggers publish your writing reflects well on the quality of your writing to potential employers.

13. Subtle promotion: Blatant self-promotion tends to be off-putting, especially to an Internet public that wants to be entertained. Guest blogging allows bloggers to promote their own writing while giving the public interesting content and not directly selling them anything.

14. Good business habits: Anyone trying to sell anything on or related to their blog should be trying to attract as many customers as possible. Guest blogging is a subtle way of accomplishing that goal.

15. Social networking: Blogs start to develop their own communities with time. Social networking sites have made it possible for friends to get involved in their friends’ blogging communities, while members of blogging communities become each other’s friends elsewhere.

16. Being socially active: Bloggers who post widely throughout the Internet are perceived as being more social, which can improve their image with potential audience members.

17. Job networking: People have found potential employers through blog communities. Guest blogging can expand your potential networking pool.

18. Activism: Many guest bloggers use the Internet as an opportunity to engage in activism.

19. Exploring hobbies: Writing guest posts for blogs that cover your favorite hobbies allows you to directly participate in them in a new way.

20. Entertainment: Regulars at any given blog may appreciate the variety that comes from guest posts. Anyone who appreciates that sort of variety should encourage it.

21. Creating a portfolio: Internet writers who have written multiple posts in multiple areas have more diverse portfolios than those who stay niche.

22. Expanding niches: Some guest bloggers may be interested in ideas or hobbies that have limited exposure on the Internet.

23. Blogosphere growth: The Internet grows because more people contribute to it by submitting their own content. The more participants in the blogosphere, the more diverse it becomes.

24. Motivation: Guest blogging allows you to set small, reasonable goals, and get the energy to accomplish larger ones.

25. Self-expression: Guest posting on multiple blogs allows bloggers to express themselves in a wide range of places, potentially magnifying the joys of self-expression.

26. Self-reliance: Guest blogging still allows bloggers to be relatively independent when promoting their writing in what is still a fairly individualistic operation.

27. Stability: Blogs can get shut down, taking some of a blogger’s work with them. Bloggers with multiple submissions have a better chance of always having writing available.

28. Legacy: Bloggers who have a wide body of available work have made a broad contribution to Internet culture that is more likely to be remembered.

29. Inspiration: Guest blogging makes it easier to avoid writer’s block, since bloggers are constantly being exposed to new formats and new ideas.

30. Commitment: Bloggers who have posted in multiple locations for a sustained period of time are demonstrating their commitment to blogging to themselves and others.

Local SEO

My Best Single Piece of Advice for Local Business Online Promotion:

I run into a lot of people who own businesses and are successful, but when I take a look at their online presence I am often horrified. I’m writing this piece laying in bed using only my cellphone, so please do not judge too harshly! Enjoy.

Perfect Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing


Here are my main suggestions for growing your businesses online reach & brand awareness using Google My Business.

  • The first thing you need to do is create an account & verify your business with Google. Likely, you’ll need to send a postcard to your mailing address and verify it using a 6 digit code, when it arrives.

If people searching for your business, services, or products can’t find you there, your not even in the running for free passive organic traffic.

Key things to know:

  • Select the best category for your business. Don’t select unnecessary categories.
  • List a physical location people can visit your business or an office where your staff works out of. If you don’t have a physical location, leave it blank. Do not list a virtual office, Google hates that.
  • Make sure your business title is compiled with a few key search terms, your target audience is searching for. This will help you rank higher. But, do not go overboard.
  • If you have a website that is functional & worthy of sending customers to, go ahead and list it there. If you don’t, but have a Facebook page that’s worthy of being listed, go ahead and list it.


  • Add images of your logo, staff, business location interior & exterior, products, & customer images.
  • Regularly, update & add new photos.

Complete Entire Listing:

  • Fill the rest of the listing to the best of your ability, but not list any false information, this can hurt you later on.

Frequent Posts:

  • Begin regularly creating posts, business news, updates, event information, offers, products for sale, and other posts to your profile.
  • Keep it up to date.


  • Next, you will want to begin getting reviews.
  • Do it slowly over time, don’t get a ton of reviews in a short amount of time, then go months with zero reviews.
  • Be consistent.
  • Reply to every review.

After a sale/service, send the customer a rewritten message thanking them for their business & kindly asking for a review of their experience.

  • Make it easy for them, provide a URL that brings the person directly to the platform.

Use this tool to create your businesses review URL:

Here’s an example:

Hi Jane Doe, it’s Mike with Cajun Lawn & Landscape Guys.

First, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your business, it’s greatly appreciated. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve got your back!

If you wouldn’t mind taking a few moments to give us a review, it would help us out a lot. It’s how we get new business & keep our prices so low!

For Facebook go to:

For Google go to:

Don’t use any of these websites?

No problem, you can reply below with a quick review of our services & give us permission to use it on our website.

As a thank you for adding your review, we’re going to give you a 5% discount on your next service!

Thanks again for your business, time, & consideration!

God bless,

– Mike (Owner, Cajun Lawn Guys)

If you have any questions about GMB profile optimization let me know, I would be happy to look at your profile & give my review.

This guide is far from complete, but it’s a good starting point for those of you just beginning.

God bless & happy hunting!


Local SEO Marketing Progression Diary

What’s New: Local Events Promotion Skills

I’m becoming a beast at creating, organizing, and promoting local events.

It’s actually really fun and I enjoyable. My first event was in March, 2020 and I had zero clue about how to promote it, other than using Facebook, Google My Business profile, Instagram, and on my website.

Outside of that, I really didn’t know where to start.

My Journey to Learning & Gaining Experience with Local Event Marketing & Advertising:

👉 Event #: 1

For my first event, I attempted to get local news station reporters at KLFY to cover my event the day of, but failed in that (by no fault of my own).

  • I was really disappointed and heartbroken that it didn’t happen, especially due to the fact that I told people they would be there.
  • Your word is everything in this day and age, if you tell people something is going to happen, it better happen.
  • When it doesn’t, your credibility goes out the window, even if you weren’t at fault.

👉 Event #: 2

For the 2nd event, KLFY finally came out & reported on the event. Aside from that, my marketing strategy didn’t differ much than the usual hit the major social platforms, our website, newsletter, Facebook sponsored ads, and that was about it.

👉 Event #: 3

For my upcoming event, this Saturday (11/14), I changed my approach & made serious improvements and progress on becoming a master of local events.

What changed?

  • In previous events, I had overlooked creating a central page on my stores website, for the event. In the past, I had been using Facebook events as the URL I would share with everyone & across the web. That was a mistake. Why should I do link building/promotion for Facebook? In the hopes, that maybe the events page will go viral? Wrong.
  • This go round, KATC published an article ahead of the event (7 days before) to generate interest. The article got published & had no URLs referring back to my website, so I politely asked the editor to include one to my stores official event page & they agreed. They will be back for the story, the day of as well.
  • I decided to use the most popular online events sharing platforms, and there are a ton. After wasting several hours submitting manually to the ones I thought would produce the best local results, I came across a tool on the Advocates website which would create & syndicate my event to 45 different places for $45. This was a no brainer & a game changer I might add.
  • I had a 30 second public service announcement (PSA) created & given to Town Square Media, who manages a network of 6 or so radio stations which will occasionally play the PSA, at no cost mind you. I’m still not positive how effect this will be, however it’s about planting seeds, not being extremely effective everywhere we go.
  • I commissioned visuals to be created to go along with the PSA, as an introduction/advertisement for the event, and it made a much bigger impact than I had previously expected it would.
  • In the weeks leading up to the event, I hand created a custom list of any business which works in the pets/animal industry. During the next few days, I will be contacting every single one of them & asking for any support they can lend us.
  • I knew I had to put out a press release, but my issue was where to publish it & have it syndicated, while on a budget. I did not want to pay over $200 and knew that even if I did pay that much, I likely would not even hit any of the local media websites I really needed it to go on. Up until this point, the only times I was able to target local news/TV station websites/newspapers was through expensive syndication packages through companies like or To my luck, while doing research I stumbled across the Louisiana Press Association, which apparently is what they specialize in and for just $149, I will be published in 100+ of the most popular sources in Louisiana, both print & digital.

Classified/Advertising Methods:

👉 Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI)

👉 Schema Generator for On-Page Optimization

Updates & News

Finally, My Homepage is Live Again

Welcome to my new homepage, it’s been years since I have had a website dedicated to myself, so I am excited & happy you could be here. Thanks for stopping by, I will have more for you later on!