Guest Blogging Outreach

This job entails you to reach out to niche blogs within the industry & niche I give you, and discuss & get approval to write for their blog. Our goal is to publish a unique piece of content on a website with a decent amount of domain authority, a very low spam score, and a decent amount of website traffic would be nice.

Either you would be reaching out directly to niche blogs or local blogs, outside of that guest blogging is not effective and is not worthwhile.

Example #: 1

I need to gain links back to my website from blogs/websites based within Louisiana, the closer to Lafayette & Acadiana, the better, but I will take anything based in Louisiana. The actual topic of this blog does not matter much, however it would be MUCH better if it was from a relevant topic.

Example #: 2

I need to gain links back to my website by written & publishing content on blogs in the industries of mattresses, furniture, bedroom, sleep, and occasionally health, retail home & garden shopping, and wholesale household shopping. Your job is to reach out & find me blogs willing to accept my content, with a worthy domain authority score & low spam rating.