Apprenticeship Opportunity

I’m looking to take on 1 apprentice, this would be a fair mutually beneficial arrangement and a unique opportunity for one luck young man.


The apprentice and I will meet 7 hours a week, 1 hour each day, and 5 hours of which he is to do grunt work for me, this will build my businesses and teach the apprentice how to do valuable skills. These types of skills, the going market rate for is on average at least 2x minimum wage & has a very high job retention rate.

How Time will Be Spent:

  • I demand at least 5 hours of free work each week.
  • 1 additional hour, we will voice chat and go over the latest in internet marketing news, articles, tutorials, & other breaking industry topics.
  • During the 7th hour, we will work on a project of the apprentices choosing. We will build a website / business from the ground up, and either begin making money or begin adjusting our business model, all while debating on why things are going the way they are going!
  • By the end of our apprenticeship, you will be content marketing certified by HubSpot and well on your way to becoming inbound marketing certified as well.

Apply Now: