Directory Listing Job

I am hiring several people to help do data entry, building the first draft of each listing. For us to succeed, our sites quality must be above all else.

  • Create a strongly researched rough draft for each of my business directory listings.
  • Multiple people will be working on this project and only the best will be chosen to keep the gig on a continuous basis.
  • We are looking for quality, accuracy, little to no broken links/extra HTML code errors, and the ability to turn out listings in a timely manner.

Your job is to start the creation of the lighting, by completing the following information, to the best of your ability.

Business Name: name

Company Description/Mission Statement:

Address: address

Phone Number: number

Email: email

Website: url

Important Website Pages:

  • link
  • link
  • link
  • link
  • link

Company Directory Listings: (As many as appropriate)

  • LouisianaBusinesses.og

Company Reviews & Ratings: (List links to reviews pages)


Social Media Links:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Affiliations / Awards / Certificates: list

Coupons/Discounts / Package Deals / Cash Back / Loyalty Rewards:

  • Groupon
  • BeFrugal

Upload and Insert up to 20 Photos:

  • Attach – Can put into a gallery as well
  • I usually like to center a few, but the most of them I will put no alignment.

Upload and Insert 1 Primary Logo as the Featured Listing Image

1-2 Videos to Embed (If available):

List of Products:

List of Services:

List of Name Brands/Manufacturers:

List Service Radius/Shipping Cost & Policy (If applicable):

List Hours of Operations

Link to Terms & Conditions (If you can find):

Link to Privacy Policy (If you can find):

Link to Return Policy (If you can find):

List Payment Methods Accepted:

Choose as many locations as covered by the company.

Choose as many categories that are applicable.

How to Submit Basic Listing to Acadiana Business Listings